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Streaming gameplay is more popular in 2017 than it has ever been before. With so many viewers the number of people streaming has blown up and now there are thousands streaming every day.

People use streaming services primarily to stream gameplay. Some people stream poker or other games while others love RPGs and MMOs. There’s a whole range of games being streamed by different streamers all around the world.

People stream for a number of reasons. Firstly it’s to add to the community. By streaming they help add to the gaming world by sharing their skills and knowledge and helping other people improve, a useful service for some of the trickier games.

Others stream to make a name for themselves in the gaming world. If you’re proficient at a game it’s great to show your skills and let everyone know what a master you are. In turn this can help you grow a following of people who enjoy the content you put out there. There are already a number of celebrities that have made a name for themselves by streaming alone.

Fame and money often go hand in hand. Popular streamers can make money by putting their content out there, this means money being made for doing the things you love on a daily basis which is ultimately everyone’s goal.

Whatever the reasons, streaming is great for the gaming community. It lets everyone grow closer together by sharing knowledge and interacting while they play the games they love.

Twitch Streaming Software

twitch livestreamingTwitch have made streaming simple by providing the full platform needed to get your content out there. All you need is something to stream and a capture device and twitch can do the rest.

You’ll also need access to streaming software. Streaming software is basically a system that allows you capture, encode and publish any content that you want to record. It condenses the process and makes streaming as easy as possible. By condensing all the steps needed to get your content out there streaming software allows anyone who isn’t technically minded stream their gaming simply.

Twitch itself has thousands of streamers and millions of viewers all benefiting from the streaming software and the platform itself. You can watch a range of different games being played by pros and amateurs alike, it’s never been a better time to be a gamer.

If you want to get involved streaming then check out the list of 2017’s best game streaming software.